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The Challenge... to build a cabin using earth friendly alternative methods of construction without going broke in the process!

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Registered nurse & grandmother, married to Glenn, a building contractor. We have 5 children & 8 grandchildren.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The views looking out from the front of our cabin

Guess I should continue with the story... after all the hassle I've been through already trying to post... it's embarressing! First I forgot my log on name (too complicated) then I had the whole post done, including pictures & the stupid modem had gone off line. Glenn just installed a new one & it only stays on for a few minutes to an hour - may have to replace it again. So - lost the entire posting & had to start all over again - grrrr

We were able to scrounge the money to buy the property without having to get a mortgage & were all set to go! We hiked all over our land, exploring everything - found the year-round spring - pure, ice cold water - refreshing after traipsing all over the place. We thought about constructing some kind of trolly that could hang from a line off the ground so we could get down to the spring without a mile hike up & down the steep mountainside. We also thought about using a sled to slide down over the grass but figured we'd probably run into a rock or tree, so settled for just hiking down - good exercise.

First we brought our RV horse trailer up & parked it on an area that hadalready been excavated. The trailer had everything we needed - queen size bed, shower, sink, stove, microwave, fridge, port-a-potty. It also had a hook-up for solar & generator. Glenn had converted the back part into a shop & partitioned an area where he built bunkbeds for when he used to take the trailer on jobs out of town, so there was quite a bit of room & we could lock things up when we were gone.

Next Glenn brought up our old Bobcat & also bought an old John Deere tracklayer backhoe from a friend. A well had been dug the month before we bought the property, but we still needed to install the pump. Glenn & his friend Al (the guy we got the backhoe from) put in the pump while I operated the crane to let it down into the well. Our well is 675 ft deep but we only had to put the pump down to about 165 ft I think (can't remember all these details). He also had to dig a trench for the phone line - that wasn't real long, but the trench he dug up the hillside to go to the 2700 gallon water tank he'd installed was 600 feet long. What a job it was placing all the pipes - we layed out electrical & water pipes, then had to walk inside the trench glueing the pipes together. Glenn did the water line & I did the electrical - hot & dusty! With the 80+ feet drop from the water tank, we consistently have 30# of pressure.

The views from our place are so gorgeous. Glenn & I would sit out in front of the trailer in our lawn chairs to eat our meals. He would always say - "there's my kingdom & all my subjects down there..." as he surveyed the valleys & hills - ha.

I'll have to continue later... got lots of work to do.


Blogger Tony said...

I have found that if I type my blog posts first in Word (or some other word processor), that I can edit them there; then just copy them over to the blogsite when I get ready to post to blog. I know it's an extra step, but if you have to take a break during your post you can easily go offline and lose what you've done.

I'm sure there is some way to save your blog post as a draft, but I haven't tried it yet. Rather, I've been going with what I am familiar with.

Nice site views out the front of your project.

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