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Registered nurse & grandmother, married to Glenn, a building contractor. We have 5 children & 8 grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Been Awhile...

Hi everyone! So much going on over the past couple months... our grandsons, Darion & Drew were here for a visit in July and we went to Oregon in August for family reunion (Glenn's side of the family). Had the hottest weather that I can recall - officially, I think it got up to 113 or 114 - one day I was driving on the freeway through Fresno & my thermometer on the car registered 117! Poor Glenn was working on a big warehouse there - up 35 ft next to the metal roof - putting up steel & welding - the sweat was literally pouring off of him... all his clothes were soaked - no way to make a living when it is that hot. I was afraid he would get heat exhaustion - but he is so tuff! It still worries me when he has to work under conditions like that. At the hospital I work at, we had lots of people coming in with dehydration - people in their 30's to 80's.

Glenn has been working out-of-town quite a bit for the past several months so we haven't been able to work on our cabin a whole lot - but the "near free RV garage" is almost completed. That was a lot of work but I really like it. We haven't done much on our cabin - hopefully, soon... we started another project - a pole building that will be a garage for my car out in front of the cabin to the side of the RV garage, so won't block any views. I injured my left knee at the reunion running around chasing our little 15 mo old granddaughter (Chris & Angie's little one) - she wanted to run - the reunion was in a big meadow with a creek surrounding the site in a horsehoe shape, just across the road from Glenn's parents place. A lot of the property there was originally homesteaded by Glenn's grandparents. Anyway, a beautiful area with trees lining the creek, a big gazebo built in the middle with electricity, water & of course, had a couple port-a-potties. Probably about 70 relatives there - camping in RV's, trailers, tents - we had a tent & I had to get one of those air beds as my old body won't tolerate the hard ground anymore - it was quite comfortable, only problem was that Glenn weighs a little more than me & I think we were sloped sideways towards the creek - so I would slide over pushing Glenn into the crack between the air bed & the side of the tent - everyone kept teasing us that we were going to end up rolling into the creek!

We also celebrated my younger brother's 50th birthday - a surprise party - he has done a remarkable job remodeling his home, built a pool in the backyard, & recently built a really neat poolhouse/gazebo - I'll post a couple pictures of that, too.

Well, back to the cabin... we started on the garage... Glenn used his Bobcat to dig out an big area & we got the main posts up (3"x6" posts from the Wawona bridge that was dismantled - used those in the RV garage, also.)

Well, enough writing, I will post some more pictures...


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