Glenn & Kathy's Troglodyte Cabin

The Challenge... to build a cabin using earth friendly alternative methods of construction without going broke in the process!

Location: California, United States

Registered nurse & grandmother, married to Glenn, a building contractor. We have 5 children & 8 grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The kitchen area - the windows are recycled - the gridded one is from Red Lobster (a restaurant Glenn did an addition to), the counters are made with bull pine - a really tough wood - I sanded & finished them with verathane. The odd looking wooden thing on the log beam to your right is a fold out table that is held together by piano hinges, you pull it down, open it up & there is a leg sitting flush with the table while it's up that folds out to hold up the 4'x4' table - great for when we have company! There are different curtains covering the shelves now (in fact the 3rd set I've made) & Glenn has made me another set of shelves that act as a little island. The old radio is up against it now facing towards the other side of the room, so didn't really take up anymore room, just gave me more space to work at & store stuff. On the other side of the foldup table is a set of shelves that fit right between the table boards for my cookbooks & spices. To the right on other side of table are French doors that lead to the "hanging bridge" an approx 8'x8' (odd shaped) made with I think 3 or 4" thick wooden planks. I have my freezer out there & another set of shelves. There are circular stairs that lead down to the "deep part" at ground zero & another set that lead up to the another landing approx same size with French doors that open into the master bedroom. You can also see the uphil patio & curved cob stairway with oak limb handrails as you walk across the bridge.


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