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Registered nurse & grandmother, married to Glenn, a building contractor. We have 5 children & 8 grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life continues...

Well, we didn't get a whole lot done around here this past weekend. We went driving around the country a good part of Saturday looking for old corrugated steel roofing that Glenn had seen advertised in the Sierra News On-line ads - no luck, also checked out a few yard sales, didn't buy anything, but did meet several very interesting people - in fact one lady gave me a brand new needlepoint pillow - very pretty. Glenn got a chance to look at everyone elses junk (equipment, old cars, junk... you know).

That evening we went to the local Sixth Street Cinema & saw the movie The Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. It was pretty good. Afterwards, there was a motorcycle fanatic, Doyle, who had either met the original guy who raced the Indian motorcycle & beat the world's record or had seen the bike, can't remember. He shared a bit about it & also some his racing experiences. Afterwards we ended up talking to him for quite awhile, I know we didn't get home until midnight. Come to find out, he is from my old hometown area where I went to school from 2nd grade thru college - Merced/Atwater area. He knew a lot of people that I knew. He is on solar & generator power. Lives up on a mountain that has several mines.

A couple from up the hill - Dave & Ingrid, also came by to see our place. They built a home recently & are totally on solar. Interesting people - they lived in the sailboat & sailed around the world for 10 yrs. Glenn said Dave made the remark "if I saw another sandy, palm lined beach it would be one too many."

Sunday, Doyle came over to see our cabin & then we went up to his place to see his "stuff" - he has 60 motorcycles & lots of other machinery & an older red, convertable Mercedes that he had completely restored, just needs to paint it. He had a trencher & Glenn said he was interested in buying one, so we ended up taking that one home. He gave us a good deal.

We had dinner at the "Bug Lodge" an international hostel that's located on the way to Yosemite. They always have a nice menu selection with reasonable prices.

Yesterday, I didn't accomplish much, cleaned house, otherwise surfed the web - Glenn worked on the Bobcat all day - some wires had been cut when the people who overhauled it didn't make sure the wires were out of harms way... There was one thing he couldn't fix - Al, from Greeley Hill, came by & had it fixed in 15 minutes - he's remarkable for fixing machinery!

Guess I better post some more pictures...


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