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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A New Year!

Well, I'm finally posting again! For awhile, for some reason, I couldn't get on my blog site... I'd been contacted by HGTV to see if we'd like to have our underground cabin on the show "What's With That House?" I've never seen it as we don't watch TV anymore - too much interesting stuff on the internet! We decided it would be better not to have any publicity... but it was great to be asked. The woman I spoke with from the program was really nice... She'd be welcome to come & see the place anytime.

Well, the holidays have passed... we got quite a bit of stuff done around the cabin over the past couple months. Had all the family & some friends up a couple weeks before Christmas as I had to work at the hospital throughout Christmas & New Years. My son, Nathan, helped with a lot of the projects in December - that was fun - got to spend some extended time with him.

My older brother Scott, his wife & family weren't able to be here for our get-together in December because he had just had surgery for neck cancer & was going through chemo & radiation therapy. Keep him in your prayers - he is doing better now - I spoke to him yesterday & he is even trying to work out a bit to build up his strength.

Then we just found out that my dad has esophageal cancer - he's not a candidate for surgery, but they will put a shunt in to keep his esophagous open & he may go through chemo & radiation also. Pray for him, also. I know they are both in God's hand.

I did a lot of reading today on alternative therapies - nutrition etc. Here's a link (for some reason I haven't figured out how to copy & paste on this blog.)
Anyway, I will post some more pictures.


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